Thursday, June 24, 2010

From the Wenonah Inbox: Waiting Patiently

I am an efficiency freak when it comes to tripping. I am the anti-traditionalist, the tech geek if you will. At one point in my career I was the guy who wanted to see the full Border Route in the BWCA in three days. Of course it took four but what the heck, Crane Lake to Lake Superior in four days? A lot of cool country to see. So now I have a family, I have a wife, a two year old and half the time I used to have to get fit and get loads of boat time in. That said however, my mantra on being light, nimble and quick has only become more relevant. I want a boat that will glide with every stroke, a boat that will haul easy as I am carrying both it, my gear and Tae's "Kiss me Elmo" over numerous 250 rod portages.

So my eyes wander over the new Wenonah Catalog and I come back to the old standby, the Minnesota II. The brain clicks, the history of the boat speaks for itself, however I want to super charge it. I pick up the phone and I place the order. Minnesota II. Graphite, Double Slider, internal skid plates please. I hang up the phone and begin the wait......

-Hansi J.